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SpeakPage is an embeddable narrator users love.

With SpeakPage listening is free and takes place right where it belongs: on the page with your content. Simply copy & paste and your visitors are ready to listen to your content, on any device, without having to download or install any additional apps.

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Upload your own audio or generate voices with Amazon Polly


Incredibly Simple.

Allow visitors to seamlessly transition from reading your content, into enjoying a captivating narrated audio version they can have read to them at their leisure. Without ever having to leave your web page.

It Just Works, Everywhere.

Whether synced up to a bluetooth device, in the car, or even while multitasking with other apps, SpeakPage just works. Allowing listeners to use their device's native controls, and even tracking listening progress across devices so they can always pick up listening exactly where they left off.

Scrubbing is History.

With SpeakPage visitors can navigate your audio visually by pressing the playback icons on your page. Our built in annotation capability puts the power in your hands, giving you full control over how visitors are able to skip around your story.